In a time when evidence of the human hand in our work has become increasingly rare, when artistic relevance to everyday life has become more remote, I have stubbornly remained committed to painting. The human face and objects connected to the human experience, such as closets, rooms, shoes, and chairs speak of human presence and absence. I have chosen these things as vehicles of expression. I have worked with the human face for years, in large and small format, looking for the perfect connection between a subtle range of human emotion and paint.

My father was a minister and my mother a school teacher who moved often. I was born in Long Beach California, lived in the Netherlands, Canada, Grand Rapids Michigan and Kalamazoo Michigan. My father always told me that if I insisted on becoming an artist I would need to have a trade to support a family. I have made a living as a furniture designer and maker, a custom builder, a restorer of Frank Lloyd Wright homes, an exhibitions designer, and an Artist. Through these things I have acquired a deeper understanding of space, process, material, craftsmanship, and honesty, and have applied that understanding to my painting.